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Dissemination of Research Results for 2011B and After (excl. proprietary proposals)

【Q】Why has the way of disseminating results changed since 2011B?

【A】Until 2011A users only needed to submit an Experiment Report to be considered to have published their results, but it had been pointed out that experiment report submission was insufficient for research results to be considered “published.” Under the circumstances, the Selection Committee reviewed the issue and formulated the “Recommendations from the Selection Committee on the Promotion of Research Results Publication” on October 27, 2010. Based on the recommendations, we have decided to change the system effective 2011B.

【Q】To be considered to have published my results, what should I do?

【A】Please publish your results in one of the following three ways and register the published work with the Publications Database within three years from the end of the research term.
(1) Refereed journal paper incl. refereed proceedings and doctoral thesis (clearly stating the proposal number.)
(2) SPring-8 Research Report (Form 27) (excl. industrial users)
(3) Technical journal article approved by JASRI
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【Q】Why is an Experiment Summary Report necessary when research results must be published in a refereed journal article (or equivalent)?

【A】It is because details of experiments carried out at SPring-8 need to be speedily made available to the public in order to ensure transparency of the non-proprietary research conducted at SPring-8. Therefore, we ask users to make their results (incl. publication schedule) available in the form of experiment summary report within 60 days after the experiment.

Submitted information will be made publicly available on the UI site and will also be used as reference materials for reviewing proposals submitted in the future.
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【Q】What if I didn’t register my publication in time?

【A】After the end of experiment, we will start asking you to register the results if you haven’t. If you fail to register by the three-year deadline despite our repeated requests, (Excluding those who have applied for the extension of the deadline for the publication of research results and those who have submitted an article regarding their research results to SPring-8/SACLA Research Report) we will not accept any of your future SPring-8/SACLA research proposals. In addition, you will NOT be able to participate in any SPring-8/SACLA research proposals even as a project team member from 2019A term.

【Q】My experiment did not yield publishable results. What should I do?

【A】When a single experiment did not yield publishable results, you may bring together in one publication the results of subsequent relevant experiments (proposals) carried out before the three-year deadline.

If the proposed research did not result in a publication, or if you have no plans to publish your results, please submit a SPring-8/SACLA Research Report instead.
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【Q】What is the review process for SPring-8/SACLA Research Reports?

【A】SPring-8/SACLA Research Reports are reviewed by the SPring-8/SACLA Research Results Review Committee set up at the JASRI.

Since SPring-8/SACLA Research Reports describe the results of research proposals which were approved by the Proposal Review Committee and their originality has already been reviewed, they will be reviewed in terms of quantity, validity and presentation with reference to the application details at the time of submission.

As for experiments that did not work out, the report will be reviewed in terms of whether or not clear and sufficient information about experimental details and measurement results are provided, and whether or not it serves as a useful reference for other researchers by describing the cause of and explanation for the failure.

All submitted reports are rated on a three-point scale: A (Good; and accepted), B (Fair; and minor revision is required), and C (Poor; and major revision is required). Only reports with a rating of “A” will be approved by the Committee and made available online. Reports with a rating of “B” or “C” must be revised and resubmitted.

【Q】The results of my non-proprietary general proposal contain confidential information. Can I change the research type from non-proprietary to proprietary?

【A】Yes, you can request a change by shift unit. Please submit a “Request for Change of Research Type/Proprietary Use Agreement” to the Users Office within 60 days after the completion of the experiment or the end of the fiscal year (March 31), whichever comes first. Please note that this does not apply to other non-proprietary proposals. Also note that once an Experiment Summary Report is submitted, the change cannot be made.
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【Q】Can I request to extend the deadline for publishing my results?

【A】You may request a deadline extension if you have a valid reason (e.g. Your manuscript has been accepted, but not yet published.). Please submit an “Extension Request Form” (Form 28) to the Users Office between three and 12 months prior to expiration of the three-year deadline. An extension will be granted upon approval of the SPring-8/SACLA Research Results Review Committee. For details, please click here.