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Proposal Submission/Beamtime Application


【Q】When is the deadline for submitting an online application?

【A】JASRI generally launches the call for proposals twice a year with the following deadlines. For specific dates, please refer to the call for proposals announced in early May (for B term) and early November (for A term of the following year).
For details about a deadline of each proposals, please click here.

【Q】Who do I contact for questions about applying for beamtime or proposal procedures?

【A】If you still have questions after reading the announcement of the call for proposals, please contact the Users Office at

【Q】I have a question about the scientific aspect of my application. Who do I contact?

【A】Please refer to the SPring-8 Solution Database for research results obtained by using SPring-8 and for the links to the Contacts page.

【Q】What proposals am I eligible for as a project leader?

【A】If you are
• Doctoral students at the time of experiment:
The budding researchers support proposal is your only choice. (As a project team member, you can participate in any research projects). You must maintain your student status at the time of experiment. Otherwise, you are required to carry out your approved budding researchers support proposal as a general proposal.
• Other students (incl. undergraduate students):
You are not eligible for any types of proposals as a project leader.
• Researchers except students:
You are eligible for any types of proposals except for budding researchers support proposals. However, General proposals for Industrial Application, Cross-SR Facility Use Proposals for Industrial Application and Industrial APPlication Proposals Using Advanced Technology must include at least one person out of a project leader and project team members who is an employee of a private company or related institution.

Please note that the project leader must be responsible during the experiment at SPring-8.

【Q】Is it possible to use multiple beamlines for one proposal?

【A】The answer is no unless your proposal is a long-term proposal. If you wish to use multiple beamlines for one research theme, please make sure to submit a separate proposal application for each beamline.
However, a proposal for PX-BL may use multiple beamlines consequently because its beam time are allocated within PX-BLs.

【Q】Does beamtime have to be requested in increments of three shifts?

【A】In view of effective allocation of beamtime, users requiring beamtime of three shifts or more are requested to apply for beamtime in increments of three shifts. However, the beamtime in increments of a 0.25 shift is available for BL41XU and BL45XU, the beamtime in increments of 1 shift is available for BL38B1and BL26B1/B2, and the beamtime in increments of 1.5 shifts is available for BL32XU.
Measurement Service applications can be made in increments of 0.25 shifts (2hours).

【Q】What is the acceptance rate for SPring-8 Proposals?

【A】The acceptance rate for proposals being invited cannot be made available; however, the acceptance rate for the previous round is available on My Page.

【Q】Who signs the Proprietary Use Agreement (proprietary research)/Program Fee Payment Agreement (non-proprietary grant-aided program)/Measurement Service/Feasibility Proposal for Industrial Application?

【A】A person who has the authority to approve the payment of fees on behalf of your institution (e.g. head of the accounting division) should sign.

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