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Beamtime Report Archives (2002A)

BL Requests and proposals to the SPring-8 / Advice to other users. Answer from SPring-8
BL02B2 Great beam line !
BL13XU By our stability test after changing the mono. stages, incident x-rays of the beamline has been more stable than it was.
BL25SU We have found the experimental station and the beamline in excellent condition for performing this experiment. It would be convenient to have small CCD cameras mounted for observing important geometrical parameters of the sample position (x,y,z) and manipulator angle, and a TV screen with a switch to different cameras. It would be nice, if we had such cameras. But, as you know, the space between the PES and MCD stations are very narrow. I think it is better to conserve the space as possible as we can.
BL27SU Please make announcements in the experimental hall in English. Breakfast at the cafeteria is bad. The `cafeteria` should also fruit and more vegetables.
BL40B2 The users may be advised as to what devices are to be used for taking data back to home (in the letter where the userlogin and password are provided). This will be useful. BL40B2 has media drives or connecter for almost all device (SCSI-HDD, IEEE1394-HDD,USB2-HDD, DVD, CD-R, 1.3GB MO). Users can choose suitable one.
BL40B2 Please provide drinking water near experiment area, thanks.
BL41XU I hope the bugs of MAD measurement software can be fixed soon, and then I can collect more MAD data next time. Bugs were fixed.
BL45XU This is a very good station which gave very good data after the beam position had stabilised. Users should be warned that the station may experience problems after the bunch mode is changed.
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