Proposal System and Fees

Types of Beamlines

At SPring-8, a maximum of 62 beamlines can be installed. As of November 2013, 56 beamlines are operational. Public beamlines are planned and constructed by the Independent Administrative Institution, RIKEN, and are available for public use by researchers from home and abroad. Contract beamlines, on the other hand, are constructed by industrial, academic or governmental organizations in Japan and abroad. While the contract beamlines are used by themselves.

In addition, there are RIKEN beamlines at SPring-8: RIKEN beamlines are mainly used for RIKEN’s own research activities with partial availability for public use.

For details of the beamlines, please see the Beamline Map or the Beamline List (specifications and contact points for each beamline).

SPring-8 Beamlines

Type User Access
Public Beamlines Researchers of industry, academia and government in Japan and abroad Peer-review of research proposals
Contract Beamlines Used by the contractor Review of Installation Plans
RIKEN Beamlines Used by RIKEN, with partial availability for public use
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