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Use of Contract BL

  • Before Using Contract Beamlines
  • Beamtime Fees
  • Procedures
  • Before Using Contract Beamlines

    If you wish to use a contract beamline, please contact each Contract Beamline Office.

    Beamtime Fees

    1) Non-Proprietary Use (Research results disclosed):
    Non-proprietary research refers to research where the research results are disclosed and disseminated. No beamtime fees are charged for non-proprietary research. For your research to be considered non-proprietary, you must submit online an “Experiment Summary Report*” (Form 26) within 60 days after the end of the half-year research period and publish your work in refereed journals and register the published works with the SPring-8 Publications Database within three years from the end of the research term**. From 2011B, you may request to switch the research type from non-proprietary to proprietary within 60 days after the completion of the experiment or the end of the fiscal year (the end of March), whichever comes first.

    2) Proprietary Use (Research results not disclosed):
    For proprietary research, you can keep your results by paying the beamtime fees. This system is popular when there is some confidential information for commercial purposes in experiments and samples and you do not want to disclose the results. Prior to the use of contract beamlines, you are required to submit a “Proprietary Use Agreement for Contract Beamline” that includes the articles on the fee payment for an experiment and the protection of confidential information. Once you submit the Agreement, you do not have to submit the Experiment Summary Report*.

    *=Experiment Report (until 2011A)
    **Until 2011A, for your research to be considered non-proprietary, please submit an “Experiment Report” (Form 14).


    [Before Arrival]
    User Registration
    To carry out experiments at SPring-8, project leaders/applicants and project team members need to have completed user registration to obtain a user card ID number in advance. User registration is also required of users who already have an ID card for SPring-8 staff (staff of RIKEN and JASRI): if you have your SPring-8 Card, enter the ID number in the box provided for user card ID number to avoid multiple registrations.

    Should any of your registration information change, you are required to amend your personal online account immediately.

    Submission of Use Plan (Project Leader)
    Submitted use plans are valid only for half a year. When you conduct the same proposal in the next half year period, the use plan must be submitted again. For instructions on how to submit use plans, please refer to the Proposal Submission Procedures for public beamlines.

    SPring-8 confirms with each Beamline Office from the Project Team Members List that you are the contract beamline users. In case of any change in the list, the project leader is required to update the list.

    To conduct proprietary research, an Proprietary Use Agreement for Contract Beamline, which specifies the beamtime fees, needs to be submitted immediately after the submission of use plan. For further information about the agreement, please contact each Contract Beamline Office.

    Safety Review
    JASRI conducts safety reviews for experiments based on the use plan. You can conduct your experiment only when the proposal passes the review. When the proposal does not pass the screening, the Users Office will contact the project leader through each Beamline Office asking him/her to include appropriate safety measures in the use plan and/or submit additional documents.

    Submission of Required Documents
    Before using the contract beamline, the project leader needs to submit required documents to each Contract Beamline Office. The procedures could take some time, so please be sure that these documents are submitted by the deadline. The submission method may vary depending on the beamline. Please check with each Contract Beamline Office in advance.

    Click here to see the List of Required Documents.

    [Procedures upon Arrival]
    Please see the procedures for public beamlines.

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