Contract Beamline

Contract Beamline

Contract beamlines, constructed by industrial, academic or governmental organizations in Japan and abroad, are used almost exclusively by the contractors.

As of Aplil 2020, 18 contract beamlines are operational.

BL No. Name of Beamline Contractor
BL03XU Advanced Softmaterial Beamline Advanced Softmaterial Beamline Consortium
BL07LSU The University-of-Tokyo Outstation Beamline for Materials Science Beamline The University of Tokyo
BL08B2 Hyogo Beamline BM Hyogo Prefecture
BL24XU Hyogo Beamline ID
BL11XU QST Quantum Dynamics Ⅰ Beamline QST (National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology)
BL14B1 QST Quantum Dynamics Ⅱ Beamline
BL22XU JAEA Actinide Science Ⅰ Beamline JAEA (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
BL23SU JAEA Actinide Science Ⅱ Beamline
BL12B2 NSRRC BM Beamline Taiwan NSRRC
BL12XU NSRRC ID Beamline
BL15XU WEBRAM Beamline National Institute for Materials Science
BL16B2 SUNBEAM BM Beamline SUNBEAM Consortium
BL28XU RISINGⅡ Beamline Kyoto University
BL31LEP Laser-Electron Photon Ⅱ Beamline Research Center for Nuclear Physics, Osaka University
BL33LEP Laser-Electron Photon Beamline Research Center for Nuclear Physics, Osaka University
BL33XU TOYOTA Beamline TOYOTA Central R&D Labs., Inc.
BL44XU Macromolecular Assemblies Beamline Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University

If you wish to conduct research using a contract beamline, you must follow certain prescribed procedures; some procedures need to be completed by project leaders and others by project team members. And while some documents need to be submitted to the Users Office, some other documents have to be submitted to each Contract Beamline Office. For further details, please contact each Contract Beamline Office.

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