Proposal Application

Proposal Submission

1. Proposal Application Procedure

Users can conduct a variety of experiments at SPring-8. Please see Proposal System and Fees for information regarding SPring-8 beamlines, types of proposals, types of use and beamtime fees, before submitting your research proposal online from My Page.

Access the UI site. (1) If you are not registered as a SPring-8 user, please proceed to the User Registration page to complete user registration. (2) If you already have a user card ID number, please login with your user card ID number and password and proceed to My Page (5) (6).

Please note that only project leaders can submit proposals: if a project team member needs to submit a proposal in place of the project leader, the member must login with the project leader’s user card ID number and password.

Using the web-based proposal submission system, you can create a new proposal application (7) and save/edit the data (8). You can also create two or more applications, one at a time.

In order to avoid input errors and just in case the browser crashes, etc., you are strongly encouraged to draft your application offline first using a MS Word template (available for download from the Proposal Application Templates).

To submit a proposal, click on the Submit button (9) (10). Upon successful submission, you will receive an email confirmation containing the application number (11).

Operating Environment

The web-based proposal submission system supports multiple languages using Unicode; and we recommend the following browsers for best compatibility with our system.

Recommended Browsers

Internet Explorer 10.0 or higher
Firefox Latest Version (Auto Update) Macintosh or Windows
Safari 9.0 or higher

To avoid costly errors such as multiple registrations or damage or loss of data, please use the links, NOT the Back button when preparing an application.

2. Login

Please enter your user card ID number and password and click on the LOGIN button to access My Page.



My Page

If successful, you will be redirected to My Page in a new window.

If you are inactive for four hours or more, your session will be timed out and you will have to login again. Also when you quit your browser, you have to login again. When you finish your session or leave a computer for an extended period of time, either log out or lock the machine to prevent spoofing.

3. Start Page

After logging in to My Page, you can have access to the Proposal Submission page and start preparing proposals.

On this page, select New to create a new proposal application, Editing to reedit your application temporarily saved, or Submitted to confirm the details of proposal(s) that you submitted.

To create a new application, click New, and the forms of research (proprietary or non-proprietary) and the types of proposals will display. When either Proprietary Research or Non-Proprietary Research is selected, the START buttons of available types of proposals will turn orange; the types of proposals that you can choose vary depending on the form of research. Click START to proceed to the next page.

As for the START buttons that do not turn orange whether you choose either form of research, only designated users (e.g. partner users) can select those types of proposals.

If you wish to submit an application for partner user position, or a long-term proposal, please contact the Users Office in advance to have your user account activated.

Explained below are the proposal submission pages for non-proprietary general proposals. The pages for urgent and priority research proposals are basically the same as the general proposals.

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4. Type of Application

Choose the appropriate type of application from the table below:

new proposal application
application for beamtime at beamlines accepting one-year proposals (applications accepted for research term B only)

5. Basic Information

This is the first page of data entry pages. On these data entry pages, you can stop editing, save, and pick up where you left off anytime before the deadline. The data entry pages consist of menu items on the left and data entry boxes on the right.

Information required for each page is listed below. To move through the pages, use the menu.

Required Information
Basic Information
title of experiment, review field, research area, research method, desired beamline, number of required shifts
Project Team Members
list of all project team members (Enter user card ID numbers and click on the Lookup User Information button.)
Known Safety Hazards and Measures to Be Taken
experimental samples, instrument/equipment to be brought to SPring-8
abstract (research goal, necessity of SPring-8, etc.), preparation status of the proposed research, list of publications associated with the proposed research
Experimental Details
experimental method, reasons for for your choice of beamline, how you calculated the overall beamtime requested
list of the project leader’s publications associated with the proposed research
charts/figures* illustrating the research purpose, research plan, and experimental method to be included in the “Experimental Details”
Molecules & Crystals**
details of molecules and crystals

*You can upload up to three images (jpg/gif/png).
**Macromolecular crystallography experiments only

You can start anywhere you want. Please be sure to save any work in progress by clicking on the Save button, so you can have your data stored in our server and pick up where you left off.

When you finish your session or leave your computer for an extended period of time, either log out or lock the machine for security purposes.

Since the web-based proposal submission system supports multiple languages using Unicode, you can enter any Unicode characters on the data entry pages. To input special characters that cannot be typed directly from the keyboard, please refer to the OS/input method editor.

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On the Basic Information page, you are required to provide fundamental information such as title of experiment, review field, research areas, research methods, desired beamlines, etc. Note that you must choose both main and subgroups for the “Review Field,” “Review Areas,” and “Research Methods.”

6. Project Team Members

Enter the user card ID number of all project team members who will be involved in experimental work at SPring-8, and click on the Lookup User Information button at the bottom of the page or in the menu. Then the name and affiliation of the members will be automatically entered.

If you need to register more than five members, click “Add Row” in the menu. When you do not know the user card ID number of the member(s), click “User Card Number Search” to find the number(s) by last/first name or affiliation.

Please note that if project team members have chosen “Do not allow” for their account settings on the User Registration page, their user card ID numbers are not displayed in the search results and their project leaders cannot find the user card ID numbers; if you are a project team member and have chosen “Do not allow,” either contact your project team leader or change the account settings (My Page > “Edit My Details” link in the top right hand corner).

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7. Known Safety Hazards and Measures to Be Taken

When you plan to use uranium/thorium or sealed radioactive materials, or conduct a microorganism experiment or a recombinant DNA experiment, choose one that applies from the check boxes. (possible multiple choices)

In case you plan to bringing a live animals or biological samples/biohazards, check the box provided for “Does your proposed research involve live animals (mammals, birds, or reptiles)” or “Does your proposed research involve specific biological samples/biohazards* (agents of biological origin that have the capacity to cause ill-effects in other organisms)”.

As for “Details of samples,” provide the name of substance, state/figure, Qty. & Unit (SI), hazards, purpose, containment measure and disposal method, prevention of hazards, risk level and remarks (You are required to provide information of at least one sample). Click here to see the details of “risk level.” If you need to provide details of more than five materials, click “Add Row (Details of samples)” in the Tool menu.

In the boxes provided for “Equipment that you will bring to SPring-8,” enter the name, specifications, and safety measures of instrument/device/equipment that you plan to bring to SPring-8. In case you need to bring more than five items, click “Add Row (Equipment that you will bring to SPring-8)” in the Tool menu.

The provided boxes may seem too small to enter data due to your screen resolution. We recommend that you draft your application offline first using a MS Word template downloadable from here to avoid losing work in the event of a browser crash or unexpected logout.

8. Abstract/Experimental Details/Publication

On the Abstract page, you are required to enter the significance, purpose, features, expected research results, and the progress status of the proposed research. As for the Experimental Details page, provide experimental details, reasons for your choice of beamline, energy/wavelength, and how you calculated the number of required shifts. On the Publication page, list the project leader’s publications associated with the proposed research.

For system-related reasons, there is a word limit for each free-text field as specified below.

Required Information
Word Limit
_ – Abstract
_ – Progress status
Experimental Details
_ – Experimental details
_ – Reasons for your choice of beamline
_ – Energy/wavelength
_ – How you calculated the overall beamtime requested 900
_ – List of related publications

9. File Upload

To provide details about the proposal, you can upload up to three images. Since you cannot put the images in the free-text fields, please make sure to provide captions for the images (e.g. Fig.1, Fig.2, etc.) where they should be placed.

Click “Attachments” in the menu to go to the file upload page. To select the image(s) that you want to upload, click “Choose File.”

Please note that acceptable file formats are JPEG (.jpg/.jpeg), GIF(.gif), PNG (.png) only; that you cannot upload images without file extensions; and that each image should be no larger than 1MB in file size.

When the image is chosen, the file name will display. Confirm the file name and click “Upload.”

After your image has been successfully uploaded, thumbnails of the images are created.

To see the full-size version of the graphic in a new window, click the thumbnail.

To replace the uploaded image, click “Choose File,” choose another image, and click on the Upload button. Then a confirmation message will appear. Click OK to replace the image.

To delete the image, click on the Remove button.

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10. Proposal Submission

To submit a proposal, click on the Confirm/Submit button.

Then the details of your application data will display. Please make sure that all of the information is correct and click “Submit.”

A confirmation message will appear.

When you click OK, the “Rules for Users” will display. To complete the application process, you need to agree to the “Rules for Users” by clicking “I agree.”

Please note that you cannot edit the application data after submission.

Upon successful submission, you will receive a confirmation email with a copy of Agreement (Rules for Users) in PDF format attached to it.

The submitted application data can be viewed by clicking on the Submitted button (My Page > Submitted).

Important: To avoid the last minute technical problems and possible network congestion caused by heavy applicant traffic, you are strongly encouraged to complete and submit your application well in advance of the deadline. If you find any errors, please contact the Users Office via email.

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