Proposal System and Fees

»Billing Information

Please provide the information for the organization, to which the billing statement will be sent, by filling out “Billing Information” online: go to “Billing Information” from “Application/Reporting” – “Before Arrival” (in the menu bar on the top).

Required Information:

Name on Billing

  • Organization Name (e.g., SP8 University)
  • Department/Division (e.g., ABC Department, XYZ Division)
  • Addressee (e.g., Prof. Tarow Koukido)

Billing Address

  • Zip/Postal Code
  • Address 1: Country, State/Province, City
  • Address 2: Street Address
  • Organization Name (e.g., Street Address)
  • Department (e.g., ABC Department)
  • Division (e.g., XYZ Division)
  • Billing Contact Name
  • Tel

Contact Information for Billing

  • Email address

The following proposals are exempt from paying the user fees; so you do not need to enter the information for Billing Organization:

  • Budding Researchers Support Proposal from domestic university
  • Partner User Proposal

Important: We will cover the costs for Budding Researchers Support Proposals from domestic university and Partner User Proposal within the limit of the budget. Please note that the variable fee is not always covered when it exceeds the limit of the budget.

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