Important Notes on Additional Call for 2020A Term

(1)Beamtime Allocation at BL20B2
Since BL20B2 plans to have an installation of Multi-Layer Monochrometer from January 2021, 2020A beamtime at BL20B2 will be terminated at December 2020. The timing of the resumption of user time will be announced in early November, when the proposal call for 2021A term opens.

(2)Relocation Work of Limits User Time at BL35XU
Work to allow relocation of instruments for nuclear resonant scattering to BL35XU is planned to start in January of 2021. Consequently, 2020A beamtime at BL35XU will be terminated in December of 2020. User time will resume from 2021B term.

(3)Experimental Restrictions at BL25SU
Due to a technical failure of an undulator at BL25SU, there will be restrictions on experimental conditions at BL25SU. For details, please refer here. We appreciate your kind understanding.

The 2020A term will be extended to March 2021 and there will be no proposal call for a 2020B term.

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