Additional Call for 2020A Proposals (October 2020 – February 2021) Closed

As previously mentioned on our website, there will be no proposal call for 2020B term due to COVID-19, but JASRI launches additional call for unallocated beamtime after October 2020 as below. Please note that project leaders who have approved proposals for 2020A term, regardless of the proposals are scheduled to be conducted before July 2020 or postponed to the date after October 2020, are also eligible for applying to this additional call.

Types of Proposals Available:

  • Non-Proprietary Grant-Aided Proposals
  • General Proposals (proprietary)
  • General Proposals (non-proprietary)
  • Budding Researchers Support Proposals
  • Industrial Application Proposals Using Advanced Technology

Research Period

October 2020 – February 2021

Beamline and Number of Available Shifts:

 Please note that the numbers of available shift vary depending on Beamline.
The next call for beamtime (approx. 130 shifts, from November) at beamlines for industrial applications is scheduled in two separate rounds, with the next application deadline scheduled at early September 2020.
 In addition, please make sure to refer to Important Notes on Additional Call for 2020A term since there are restrictions on use at some beamlines due to reconstruction works, etc.

Public Beamlines

Beamlines No. of Shifts Available for This Additional Call
BL01B1 XAFS approx. 84
BL02B1 Single Crystal Structure Analysis approx. 59
BL02B2 Powder Diffraction approx. 54
BL04B1 High Temperature and High Pressure Research approx. 69
BL04B2 High Energy X-ray Diffraction approx. 70
BL08W High Energy Inelastic Scattering approx. 69
BL09XU Nuclear Resonant Scattering approx. 63
BL10XU High Pressure Research approx. 45
BL13XU Surface and Interface Structures approx. 69
BL14B2 Engineering Science Research II Called Separately
BL19B2 Engineering Science Research I Called Separately
BL20B2 Medical and Imaging I approx. 15
BL20XU Medical and Imaging II approx. 91
BL25SU Soft X-ray Spectroscopy of Solid approx. 73
BL27SU Soft X-ray Photochemistry approx. 54
BL28B2 White Beam X-ray Diffraction approx. 46
BL35XU High Resolution lnelastic Scattering approx. 24
BL37XU Trace Element Analysis approx. 78
BL39XU Magnetic Materials approx. 66
BL40B2 Structural Biology II approx. 84
BL40XU High Flux approx. 37
BL41XU Structural Biology I PX-BL Operation*
BL43IR Infrared Materials Science approx. 51
BL45XU** Structural Biology III PX-BL Operation*
BL46XU Engineering Science Research III Called Separately
BL47XU HAXPES·µCT approx. 70

*Users who wish to apply for BL41XU or BL45XU, make sure to read here.

RIKEN Beamlines

Beamlines No. of Shifts Available for This Additional Call
BL17SU RIKEN Coherent Soft X-ray Spectroscopy N/A
BL26B1 RIKEN Structural Genomics I PX-BL Operation*
BL26B2 RIKEN Structural Genomics II PX-BL Operation*
BL29XU RIKEN Coherent X-ray Optics Some
BL32XU* RIKEN Targeted Proteins PX-BL Operation*
BL38B1 RIKEN Structural Biology I N/A
BL44B2 RIKEN Materials Science N/A

*Users who wish to apply for BL26B1/B2 or BL32XU, make sure to read here.

Several Bunch Mode Operation:

For several bunch mode operation during the period between October 2020 and February 2021, please refer to “1.4 Several Bunch Mode Operation in 2020A” in the “Call for 2020A SPring-8 Research Proposals – Overview -” or “Several Bunch Modes” of the SPring-8 Website.

Submission Deadline:

– Non-Proprietary Grant-Aided Proposals: closed Thursday, July 9 2020, 10:00 am (JST)
– General, Budding Researchers Support, Industrial Application Using Advanced Technology: closed Thursday, July 16 2020, 10:00 am (JST)

Submission Deadline for Documents
– Non-Proprietary Grant-Aided Proposal SPring-8 Program Fee Payment Agreement/Supplementary Information, and research purpose and research plan: Thursday, July 16 2020
– Budding Researchers Support Proposals Agreement: Monday, July 27, 2020
– Proprietary General Proposals Proprietary Use Agreement for Public Beamline: Monday, July 27, 2020

Application Method:

Submit your proposal application online from the User Information website (UI site).
  UI site > Login to My Page > Application/Reporting > New

Notification of Review Results:

Review results will be available in “My Page” of UI site at around mid-August 2020.


– The same basic rules as for 2020A proposals will apply to users. Click here for details.


– JASRI has been announcing the calls for other proposal types separately:
Urgent Proposals, Proprietary Time-Designed Proposals, etc.

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