Proposal System and Fees

Operation Mode

SPring-8 has eight operation modes in order to fulfill requirements of various beamline experiments: A- to H-mode.
Till 2016B, users were required to select either multi-bunch or several-bunch mode at the time of application. From 2017A, we renew options as follows. If you are not sure which option you should choose for your experiment, please contact JASRI staff.

  • Any
    Please choose this option, if your experiment does not require any specific operation mode.
  • Equal interval mode (A-, B- or C-mode, not specifically)
    In A-, B- or C-mode, bunches of electrons are distributed at equal intervals in the Storage Ring. If your detector or experiment will be affected by non-Equal Interval Mode, i.e. D-, E-, F-, G- and H-mode, please choose this option.
    Note: your experiment will be allocated in Equal interval mode but you can NOT specify A-, B- or C- mode in this option.
  • Specific mode required
    If your experiment needs any specific operating mode from A- to H-mode, please select this option and put your preferences in the next field.

Several-Bunch Modes

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