List of Safety Training / Texts of Safety

■List of Safety Training related to an experiment at SPring-8

Users must take the following safety trainings as necessary before
they perform their experiments at SPring-8.
Please refer to the link below for details regarding the procedures.

Category Procedure Deadline Project Leader Team Members
Radiation Worker Registration Submit the original form 5-1 by post At least 10 days before you visit to SPring-8
To temporarily bring in the laser to carry out experiments at SPring-8 Submit the original form 24-1 by post At least 14 days before the Laser is brought into the site
Liquid Nitrogen To sign up for a training class, contact JASRI Safety Office
(2nd floor in the A Central of the Storage Ring Building)
Before use liquid nitrogen
The texts of safety
Please read through the following texts.

Required documents for Procedure: ◎=Necessary, ○=If applicable

◆The Texts of Safety

These texts provide, in order to ensure the safety of research conducted at SPring-8/SACLA, health and safety knowledge and the rules for the facility users engaged in chemical & biological experiments.
Manual for handling chemicals (second edition)
Manual for biological experiments (second edition)

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